11 Ways to Find Ideas For Your Company Blog

It seems like every company is blogging these days, and for a good reason. Having a regularly updated blog will get you 434% more pages indexed by search engines, 55% more website traffic, and make 60% of customers feel more positive about your company after reading content. On top of that, blogs are relatively cheap and (unlike paid advertising) their beneficial effects will continue for as long as your website stays online. So if your company doesn’t already have a blog, now is a

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How Data Will Influence Your Search Engine Marketing in 2015

2015! Woah, that came on quick. As I went skidding into Christmas like this was one of the many sequels to The Fast and The Furious, my clients prepared for the period with strategies to ensure that January starts with a bang not a whimper, I am already prepping for 2015. Obviously the game has changed since last year; it goes without saying in a medium that changes more rapidly than my girlfriend’s mind. When I look at some of the

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6 Content Marketing Trends for Australian Businesses in 2015

As another year wraps up, offices around Australia start to shut down for the Christmas break, but if you’re anything like us, you’re just revving up for 2015! The digital marketing world never seems to stop, and next year is looking to be bigger than ever when it comes to content marketing. So, what are the key trends you should be looking for in the year ahead? And how can you make 2015 your best year yet? We’ve researched the biggest

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How to Use Buyer Personas in Your Marketing

In today’s marketing world, targeted content is vital: companies that want to attract as many potential customers as possible must be sure that they can identify the needs of each specific type of prospective buyer. When referred to collectively, these different types of customers are known as buyer personas. A buyer persona is a representation of your ideal customer. Developing buyer personas is an integral part of content marketing. Until you have a good idea for whom you are creating

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Getting Started with Marketing Automation

If there’s one thing that inbound marketing requires for every company in every industry, it’s time. Creating your marketing strategy, coming up with blog topics, generating content, managing your social media accounts…the list of marketing tasks to do goes on and on. Fortunately for busy marketers, there is a way to ease this time crunch: inbound marketing automation. As the name suggests, inbound marketing automation is simply the name given to software tools that are designed to help business owners

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4 Key Metrics to Measure with Google Analytics & Tag Manager

I touched on Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager during my foray into the world of Conversion Tracking in my last blog post, a topic which probably had you salivating in anticipation for this installment by the Bearded Dragon (TM) -me. If you’ve already put the Conversion Tracking code on your “thank you” page, excellent, I have taught you well, young Padawan, you will go far. If you haven’t, I’m not mad, just disappointed. But there is hope to redeem yourself.

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5 Inbound Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Are you keen to dive head-first into the world of inbound marketing for lead generation? Getting started can be thrilling; your motivation is high and you’ve done your research. You’re ready to go! But are you making one of the 5 common mistakes that many businesses make when starting out in inbound marketing? We’ve compiled a list of the 5 common mistakes – and provided simple and effective advice to help you avoid them. So read on and discover how

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How To Create Content That Speaks To Your Target Audience

Have you ever spent time creating a piece of content, only to put it out there and all you hear is crickets? It’s not a good feeling. But what if your content just wasn’t speaking to your target audience? What if a few tweaks and a better understanding of their needs and desires was the trick to creating content that converts? We’re here to lend you a hand and help you create content that speaks to your target audience in

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5 Tips To Get Noticed On Linkedin (Without Feeling Pushy)

Do you find yourself actively checking LinkedIn but are unsure how to actually get noticed by the people you want to do business with? Do you have aspirations to engage and network more but your current tactics just aren’t getting you anywhere? LinkedIn can be a tricky platform to master. You may feel like you’re actively participating but you’re just not getting noticed at all, or if you are, it’s by the wrong people entirely. Or maybe you’re just not sure

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How to Let Your Content do the Selling for You

Long gone are the days when the pushy salesman was the best way to sell a product or service. These outdated forms of traditional sales and marketing are quickly being pushed aside and are being replaced by the new form of modern sales: inbound marketing and content marketing. We’ve all heard this statement before – ‘content is king’. That may be true in many ways, but how can we leverage this content so that it does the selling for us? It might

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