5 Biggest Email Marketing Myths that Hold Businesses Back

With marketing littered with social prospecting, content marketing and email automation, it’s important to remember that traditional online methods should still be used now more than ever. Email marketing, considered a dead medium filled with pushy salesmen and spam, is still a perfect, highly-targeted way of engaging with your customers. Here, we’ve put together the 5 biggest email marketing myths and why you should continue to push time and money into the platform for use in your campaigns.

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5 Inbound Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Now

Inbound marketing has been one of the hottest buzz topics surrounding marketing in the last few years. Once seen as something businesses were unsure and anxious of, the relationship-building it offers means it’s no longer the little-known sister of traditional and online marketing. We’ve put together a short list of 5 easy inbound marketing tactics you can implement right now. 1. Create one or more premium content offers Some of the best marketing content out there are content offers designed by individual businesses.

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The One Automated Follow Up Email You Must Use

When working with new clients I’m constantly surprised at the lack of email automation most businesses are using. This is a shame, and a missed opportunity, because automated emails are one of the few genuinely “set and forget” marketing tactics you could be using in your business. What is email automation? What am I talking about when I say “email automation”? I mean when someone downloads an offer from your website, such as a white paper or brochure in exchange

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Buyer Personas – The most important tool in your marketing arsenal

“How do I know what people want?” One of the most common questions we get from clients is how can they figure out what people want to read? When a particular blog post receives fantastic engagement in the forms of views, shares and responses, while another similarly written topic gets poor traction and a few ‘Likes’, what can they do? Aside from reviewing your materials against other industry-standard content, the answer may in fact be lying behind you. Targeting and segmentation

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5 New Ways to Engage Your Audience

Digital marketing changes fast. So fast, in fact, it can be hard to keep up with what your audience is doing. What was cutting edge 6 months ago might now be old hat for the people you’re trying to reach. We’ve put together this list of 5 cutting edge engagement techniques for connecting with your audience, whether you’re in the B2B or B2C space. Snapchat Traditionally used as a way for individuals to engage with their friends and followers, more and

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4 Things You Must Do to Promote Your Business Online

One of the most common questions I hear is, “What’s the best advertising method, in your opinion?”. Prepare to have your socks rocked right off, because there is no right answer. The fact of the matter is that the strongest approach for advertising is just like that of a military operation; an attack on multiples fronts. Search Engine Optimisation & Search Engine Marketing To start things off, let’s say you sell designer fedoras. You know the ones; those ace-looking hats

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3 Rules for a Perfect Landing Page

  “I hate it here.” That’s the last thing you want somebody thinking when they land on your website. You’re offering a product or service that the customer wants. You’ve put in the effort to make sure your ads and organic results appear for their searches. All of that is thrown away by an unappealing landing page.

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Are you ready for 2016?

This goes out to all the new businesses that have just started advertising online this year, props! You’ve hit the first couple of hurdles of your online strategy and you’re looking forward to that down time over the Christmas period where you can relax and not have to worry about anything other than the beers being cold and the roast being cooked. You may even be thinking it would be a good time to save dollars on your advertising, turning

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Google Shopping for Christmas 2015

Part of my job is setting up Google Shopping for my clients; all that time spent liaising with web developers from overseas creating manual Data Feeds when the web developers aren’t able to pull one from the site, setting up a Merchant Center (sic) and spending time on creating Shipping Rates tables, creating the campaign in the AdWords account, troubleshooting, and when you think you have entered everything correctly you find that one tiny detail that wasn’t required on other

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