3 Rules for a Perfect Landing Page

  “I hate it here.” That’s the last thing you want somebody thinking when they land on your website. You’re offering a product or service that the customer wants. You’ve put in the effort to make sure your ads and organic results appear for their searches. All of that is thrown away by an unappealing landing page.

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Are you ready for 2016?

This goes out to all the new businesses that have just started advertising online this year, props! You’ve hit the first couple of hurdles of your online strategy and you’re looking forward to that down time over the Christmas period where you can relax and not have to worry about anything other than the beers being cold and the roast being cooked. You may even be thinking it would be a good time to save dollars on your advertising, turning

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Google Shopping for Christmas 2015

Part of my job is setting up Google Shopping for my clients; all that time spent liaising with web developers from overseas creating manual Data Feeds when the web developers aren’t able to pull one from the site, setting up a Merchant Center (sic) and spending time on creating Shipping Rates tables, creating the campaign in the AdWords account, troubleshooting, and when you think you have entered everything correctly you find that one tiny detail that wasn’t required on other

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Creating an Online Strategy from Scratch

Creating an online strategy from scratch is probably the most difficult thing a business can do, yet time and time again I see companies throw in the towel mere weeks into the development. I wonder if they have ever looked at the time and effort they have put into setting up their business and compared it to their marketing. “I’ll just use the newspaper; I get a few calls from that!” I’ve heard this on too many occasions, a client

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Why Does Google Hate My Website?

It’s not just you… Google really does hate some websites. In fact it hates them so much it won’t even list them in their index. (You did know Google is just an index of pages it has crawled right? It’s not the whole internet.)

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Recent Changes to Google Shopping and What They Mean for Your Ecommerce Business

The eminent scholar, Principal Seymour Skinner coined the phrase, “the times they are a-becoming quite different,” in the bygone and nearly forgotten era of 1994, a time when Netscape launched one of the first widely available web browsers, Mosaic Netscape 0.9. Little did he know just how poignant his words would be in the coming 20+ years. In these Modern Times, Google Shopping is a must if you have an e-commerce website. Many people think it is a panacea for

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Why Your Website Needs a Strong Value Proposition (and How to Create One in Three Easy Steps)

A mere 17% of all visitors to your website will stay there more than 4 seconds. What do the other 83% do during the 10 seconds they’re on the site? Well, headlines are the most-read text on the Internet. Four out of five web visitors will read a headline, while only one in five will read more than that. These sobering statistics illustrate just how quickly you need to capture your audience’s attention if you want to engage them further. That’s why value propositions

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Using HubSpot’s New “Projects” Tool to Get Better at Inbound Marketing

One of the most prominent organisations in digital marketing has once again made a splash in the world of marketing education. HubSpot, the well-known inbound marketing software company, recently launched a new section of their Academy: HubSpot Projects. “Projects” are designed to teach HubSpot customers how to better accomplish their inbound marketing goals using HubSpot tools, by breaking down each larger project into a series of steps. How HubSpot Projects Works The new Projects section of the academy is a

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Do Display Ads Work? [Case Study]

“A man rode into town on Friday, stayed at a hotel for three days, and rode out on Friday.” A little bit of lateral thinking goes a long way in the online game. If you’ve been reading my contributions you’d probably think of me as some sort of data mining enthusiast – glasses and a beard, tapping away at a keyboard in a dark room, hunkered over reams of graphs and numbers like some sort of swotting nerd. And you

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How to Turn Your Email Subscribers into Customers & Raving Fans

When you work with a digital marketer, one of the first key areas of focus will likely be to build a database of email subscribers. This is especially important if you sell a high-end product or service and have a longer buyer journey, as it gives you the chance to communicate your expertise and keep yourself front of mind as your potential customers work through the decision-making process.

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