5 Inbound Marketing Tactics You Can Implement Now

Inbound marketing has been one of the hottest buzz topics surrounding marketing in the last few years.

Once seen as something businesses were unsure and anxious of, the relationship-building it offers means it’s no longer the little-known sister of traditional and online marketing.

We’ve put together a short list of 5 easy inbound marketing tactics you can implement right now.

1. Create one or more premium content offerscontent-offer-clck

Some of the best marketing content out there are content offers designed by individual businesses. These content offers are generally specific, unique and most importantly, genuine pieces of information that give customers insight into businesses while educating them at the same time. A great example of a content offer from an Interior Designer might be the “10 Easy Steps to Re-Invigorate Your Home”. This content offer is obviously genuine as it’s from a reputable business person in the field and it will also give the average consumer interested in home design some great ideas and even possible lead generation to the business itself.

2. Segment your mailing list

segment-listThe best types of customers are ones that are also brand ambassadors for your business. How do they become advocates? The secret is engagement. An average customer wants to be engaged and to essentially become a part of your business. By segmenting your mailing list, you’ll create actionable segments (personas) of your database that can be targeted through tailored content. If one of your segments is 18-35 males who consume sport on a daily basis, while another is 18-25 females that only drive green cars, you would never market to these groups the same way. This is why segmentation and tailored content is crucial to engaging with future brand ambassadors.

3. Consider using some automated emails

automated-emailsNo, we don’t mean SPAM! In conjunction with the above tactics, automated emails can be fantastic tools when used correctly. Many organisations go about this the wrong way as a form of cold-calling and top-of-funnel lead generation. The best use of an automated email is when you’re helping the customer along the buyer journey by asking them if they need help. An example of an automated email might be sent out to a prospective customer after they’ve searched through your website and have taken action by downloading a content offer. An automated email an hour or two after their visit asking if they found what they were looking for, can be an amazing tactic as it creates credibility and community with your potential customer.

4. Have other members of your team contribute content

contribute-contentContent creation doesn’t have to be limited to someone in a marketing role or the business owner. If there’s a great piece of content that would suit your business but you’re not sure how to write it, outsource it to another area of the business! When a front-line salesperson is hearing the same questions day in day out, they are in a prime position to create content that answers these questions. This not only makes your content more relevant and helpful, but also means it can be used to take some pressure off the sales team and give them something to send customers to when they get asked the question in future. The author of the content should be credited too so that potential customers can see that there are ‘actual’ people working at the organisation instead of a faceless company or automated machine.

5. Use other platforms to promote your content

promote-contentThere are two great ways to go about this. 1) Using new and unique platforms to promote your content, such as Instagram advertising or Outbrain ; 2) Getting the information to work for you. Writing a blog is one thing, but when that blog post is syndicated on a nation-wide B2B blog as a guest post then there’s a fantastic example of free awareness and lead generation where the information is doing the work for you. New platforms also bring about new potential lead generation due to the basic fact that you’re marketing to an increased audience size.

Final Word

“Market it and they will come.” – It’s not as easy as that, but our 5 easy tactics can help your business improve dramatically.

Have any ideas strategies that you think we should include? Write a comment below!