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15 Nov How to Achieve Content Marketing Success in 2017

While content marketing isn’t a “hot” new form of marketing, there are a surprising number of SMEs and marketing agencies who aren’t utilising it! Today we have some of the most educated and savvy consumers in the world who don’t respond to traditional forms (outbound) of marketing. This means that we must...

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Why Video Will Rule Your Inbound Strategy in 2017

19 Sep Why Video Will Rule Your Inbound Strategy in 2017

When you’re browsing your favourite sites and social media online, what kinds of content do you consume most? Which do you find most engaging? Articles and posts? Not likely. Pictures? Sometimes, but generally we just skim them. Videos? Yes! Research recently published in HubSpot’s ‘State of Inbound 2016’ shows us that 45% of people watch more...

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06 Sep Should You Outsource Your Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is one of the most expensive marketing ventures you’re going to undertake. Not just the initial outlay for services and tools – such as social and project management software – but the valuable time you’re spending creating your content. But despite this large investment, content marketing is yielding a strong ROI for...

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