How Videos Can Be Used in Email Marketing for More Engagement

Videos are one of the most powerful tools in a marketer’s toolkit. Email campaigns featuring videos are more likely to get a response and engage the reader than those without videos. In fact, including videos in your email can increase click-through rates by over 300%.

As predictions go, by 2022, 82% of the global internet traffic will come from video posts alone. It is indeed incredible to see how technology has revolutionized the world by offering marketers an array of online video maker tools that can help them produce astounding video content!

If you’re still unsure why you should include effective and trending videos in your email marketing campaigns, here are some of the significant benefits that can enable businesses to make the most out of their email marketing campaigns through videos:

Videos are More Engaging Than Text-Based Content

Videos are a great way to keep your customers engaged. While sending emails that feature only text, there is a huge possibility that the customers won’t bother to go through the entire content and simply take just a glance or skim through it. 

So, if you are sending out any text-based communication digitally, make sure there is a video attached for the majority of the audience that wants more than just words.

After all, people love watching short, crisp, and impactful videos that provide them with all the crucial information and deliver the intended message swiftly.

The Possibility of Making Your Video Go Viral

Your video, along with your brand’s products/services, can go viral in just three days if you are able to produce the right video for the right audience!

Videos are an excellent way of capturing attention and keeping people hooked. It is easy to spread your message across a wider audience and capture your prospects’ interests while providing them with valuable and helpful information.  

A great way to go viral these days is to create amusing video content that captivates your audiences. It is also important to use a video maker to add suitable music that adheres to the message you want to convey to your viewers. You never know; your new video could be the next big hit and the talk of the town!

Videos Nurture More Leads

Personalized video content is the key to making your email marketing campaign a huge success.

Crafting compelling videos can help you make your email marketing more engaging. Moreover, featuring these videos in your emails is one of the best ways to improve conversions by turning leads into sales!

Using personalized videos in your emails will also aid in fetching a higher click-through rate and increase unique click-throughs by 4.5x. Thus, videos play a vital role in establishing authority and connecting with your audience on an emotional level, allowing your business to find prospects effortlessly.

The perfect blend of videos and emails serves as a great source of communication along with providing your prospects with a personal touch through these mediums, which in turn enables you to generate more revenue for your business. 

Videos Draw More Attention

Videos are the best way to catch and hold people’s attention since video content is one of the most engaging content types on various social media platforms. The same is true for email marketing as well.

You can use video maker tools to create a video that will help boost your views and engagement through your email marketing campaign.

Embedding clear and compelling video titles in the emails can help you retain your audience’s attention and make them think ‘Tell Me More’ after having just a glimpse of your video. Doing this is bound to drive more engagement through emails. 

Better Way of Addressing Customer Queries

Videos can be a much more appealing medium for providing information compared to extended FAQs lists or boring articles in emails. Your customers will feel like their questions have been answered without any hassles and in a compelling and personable way.

Videos also enable the audience to learn facts about your company, the products/services you are dealing in, and any concerning matters that must be brought to your customers’ attention seamlessly. 

Moreover, who doesn’t adore efficient customer service? Featuring the videos addressing customer issues/queries in your emails rather than including long, tedious texts will help you gain the trust of your customers easily. 

Videos Make it Easy to Communicate

Marketing has drastically changed over the past few years. Video advertising has proven to be an effective way of communicating with your audience and can also help you yield higher email engagement rates. Once you start featuring videos in your marketing campaigns, you can witness the change yourself.

Video content will engage viewers while providing helpful information that’s relevant to them and their needs. This win-win situation guarantees an improved user experience with increased loyalty toward your brand.

You can use How-to videos to share tips with viewers. Such videos also encourage them to make better decisions about products and services based on their needs. Therefore, these types of videos can provide valuable information while also helping build trust with your audience.

Increase Your Conversions or ROIs

Videos help nurture more prospects for your business. So, if you want to get more clicks on the emails you’re sending out to your target audience, it is high time that you start including them in your email marketing efforts!

Email marketers have perceived significant improvement in their metrics after including videos in their emails. Some even reported a 300% increased response rate and achieved their campaign goals after using videos in email marketing.

Videos Help Improve SEO Rankings

Videos are an excellent way to empower your SEO efforts as video content that’s deemed engaging and shareable significantly contributes to your rankings on Google’s search engine results. The more social shares your video has, the higher chances you have to rank better on SERPs. 

Videos can thus also be highly beneficial in email marketing, as they provide a more engaging and personalized experience for your prospects. They are an exciting and personal medium that can help you build trust and connections with your audience.

In addition, well-made videos increase your click-through rates. All of this combined can improve your video’s search engine rankings on Google, YouTube, and other search engines as well as social media platforms. 

To Conclude

Video email marketing is a great way to get your message across and generate leads. You can’t underestimate the power of video marketing and email campaigns – they make a perfect duo.

In this blog post, we’ve highlighted the importance of videos in increasing your audience engagement through email marketing. We hope you found the post helpful and informative for your business efforts. Start implementing these ideas and use videos in email marketing today.

Also, do not forget to share your experiences with us!

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