7 Tips in Creating Your First SMS Marketing Campaign

Given how much of our lives have become intertwined with the internet, smartphones, and apps, it’s easy to think that SMS marketing is a phased-out marketing concept that you shouldn’t even bother trying. However, the data points to an entirely different picture.

There are plenty of statistics that offer encouraging signs for SMS marketers, but none could come close to how 64% of consumers believe that businesses should reach out via SMS more often. In addition, more people want to receive special offers through text messages.

However, there’s more to SMS marketing than just getting the contact numbers of your leads and sending them offers you think they’ll be interested in. Just randomly sending messages will only end up with your efforts ending as read.

This article will discuss SMS marketing in better detail, what it can provide to your business, and how you can maximize the untapped potential it presents. We hope that you have the confidence to commit to one of the many SMS campaigns you can try to implement for your business.

Defining SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is a subsection of digital marketing that involves businesses sending promotional campaigns or marketing messages to customers using text messages. SMS marketing can be considered a component of mobile marketing, as it allows you to directly interact with your clients and leads on their mobile devices.

The biggest perk that comes with SMS marketing is how effectively your messages reach your target audience. Almost all adults own a smartphone or two, so it’s easy to engage them if you send a direct message to their phones. 

Besides people being more likely to engage with SMS, this technique also works with an email marketing strategy since most people have their emails installed on their phones, as well. Finally, it’s a great tactic for companies to use in countries where data and Wi-Fi connections come at a premium.

7 Tactics That Can Make Your First SMS Marketing Campaign a Success

It’s understandable if you’re scared of jumping into your first SMS marketing activity. However, taking into consideration these tips should help you operate an optimized SMS campaign that will drive engagement and sales for your company.

Get permission from your customers

You can easily craft the perfect message that suits the unique strengths of the platform. However, your message would only fall into uninterested eyes if they didn’t allow you to message them in the first place.

Make sure the people you’ll be including in your SMS blasts have expressed their consent to receiving messages from you through text. Have them opt into your SMS database, so you know that they actually want to hear from you.

Identify optimal delivery times

Find the right number of messages that you send to your SMS database over the month. It’s essential to know how frequently you can send messages before your clients get annoyed receiving branded messages.

It’s also important to consider when the right time is to send these messages. Depending on your target market, the ideal time for your business to send email blasts can vary. Make sure to have a thorough understanding of your target market to identify the most ideal times.

Personalize your messages

One of the quickest ways to increase the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns is to add personal flair to your messages for your customers to feel they’re being valued. To personalize your messages, include the prospect’s name in the message, mention their recent activity with your business, or incorporate local elements into your message.

Making your SMS messaging relatable to your target market will make your efforts more memorable and leave positive impressions with your contacts. When customers feel they’re special to your company, they are more likely to build a relationship with you.

Create a sense of urgency

Another great way to get the most out of your SMS marketing efforts is to create a deadline for special offers. Creating a sense of immediacy to your offers by setting deadlines will compel leads interested in your products or services to go to the next steps in your marketing funnel.

Understand your character limit

One big quirk that SMS marketers must learn is the ability to send the right message within the given character limits. Since you can only put so many words to your SMS messages, make sure the idea or information you’re trying to get across is clear.

Ask your customers about their specific preferences

Sometimes, the best way to address the issue is to go straight to the people that interact with your SMS campaigns. Ask customers what you should improve about your process. Make the necessary changes then ask them again later for their feedback. 

Provide quality information

A great way to drive engagement for your campaigns is to provide information that your customers will find useful. This will make you a trusted authority in your industry and promote trust between your company and your customers.

Implement a Successful SMS Marketing Campaign Now

Your first SMS marketing campaign doesn’t have to be a tough learning experience. The tips we have provided you can help prevent major growing pains that may hinder you from reaching high-quality leads.

At the end of the day, your campaign will be able to do its job so long as it instills value in your customers’ experience and relationship with your company.

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