How to Achieve Content Marketing Success in 2017

While content marketing isn’t a “hot” new form of marketing, there are a surprising number of SMEs and marketing agencies who aren’t utilising it!

Today we have some of the most educated and savvy consumers in the world who don’t respond to traditional forms (outbound) of marketing.

This means that we must constantly look to innovate and update our content marketing strategies.

Get a head start on content marketing with our 3 best tips to achieve content marketing success in 2017.

1. Produce high quality content

Produce-High-Quality-ContentWhen using content marketing to connect with your audience, it’s important that what you’re putting out isn’t just the same old generic content we’re all used to. No longer will emails and social posts with non-specific benefits, promises or goals gain your prospective audience’s attention. Now more than ever before, content marketing must be of an extremely high quality so that your readers find value in your content.

Actionable Steps

Start outsourcing. By bringing in fresh talent, your business can get a lot of good perspective about where your content marketing is headed. We have fantastic content marketers here in Australasia so if it’s quality you’re looking for, jump on to LinkedIn and find that special someone today!

2. Create a content strategy

Create-a-Content-StrategyHubSpot’s recent survey of Australasian content marketing trends found that 53.76% of content marketers said they had no defined content marketing strategy in place. When you’ve got no direction, how can you travel forward? By implementing a content marketing road map and including measurable goals and business objectives, you’ll know where you’re going, and when you’re going to get there, so you can better plan your sales and marketing budget.

Actionable Steps

Our Content Marketing Calendar will give you a good start to plan and schedule out desired content. Implementing this will take time, but sticking to it will reward you with an educated and engaged audience already started along the buying process.

3. Promote your great content

promote-your-great-contentIt’s all well and good creating content, but how can you get it out there in front of your ideal customers? Once you’ve established your audiences, start utilising platforms where you know they’ll be. A good beginning point is via social media, but once you’ve started gaining traction there, why not branch out through emails, online newsletters, and paid amplification (e.g. LinkedIn and Facebook sponsored posts)?

Actionable Steps

Promotion of your content marketing through your social media accounts can be time-consuming and tricky; that’s why Buffer exists! This social media management tool allows you to promote with ease and reach your audiences. Further, couple it with a content website like Quuu and watch your engaged users grow!


These are just 3 of our best tips to achieving content marketing success in 2017. We could fill several books with general tips about frequency of posting, content marketing avenues and techniques, or even the best tips to get your blog read, but we all know that you only get out what you put in.