How should SEO fit in with your content strategy? [Slideshare]

Content Strategy and SEO – Melbourne HubSpot User Group Presentation from Damien Elsing

Last week I presented at the Melbourne Hubspot User Group meetup at Beer Deluxe in Federation Square. The presentation was all about how SEO fits in with your content strategy. The full presentation is embedded above.

Here are some of the key takeaways from my presentation about content strategy and SEO:

  • SEO should be taken into account at all phases of the content creation process (planning, creating, and publishing content)
  • SEO is not manipulative but is simply helping search engines understand your content so it can deliver the best results to people searching
  • The most important elements of SEO are (in order) –
    • inbound links (from other sites and your own pages)
    • meta-titles
    • H1 tags
    • URL
    • Other on-page elements such as H2, body copy, image titles/descriptions/alt text
  • Keyword research is not rocket science or overly technical – simply start with a hypothesis and work outwards using the (free) tools listed
  • Good content doesn’t need to be innovative or original – find ideas from competitors and high ranking sites and improve on them
  • Good ways to get links include local business directories, social media profiles (even if you won’t use that platform), and social sharing (particularly Google Plus and Youtube)

There was also a panel discussion during the meetup, which consisted of me, Ryan Bonnici (HubSpot’s Director of Marketing, APAC) and Tony Eades (Director of Brand Strategy at Brand Manager). Both Ryan and Tony also presented, and their presentations were very engaging and well-received. There were some great questions from the audience including questions about HubSpot, social media, and SEO.

If you’re interested in attending a Melbourne HUG then you can find all the details in the LinkedIn group or Melbourne HUG microsite.