How to get Higher Open Rates on your Marketing Emails

Do you ever get frustrated with low email open rates?

Maybe you’ve tried sending emails at different days and times, only to find that it has minimal impact on your open and click through rates.

Imagine if there was a way you could send your marketing emails at different days and times based on when your subscribers actually want to read them. At times when they’re most likely to open the emails.

Enter Seventh Sense… a new machine learning and predictive analytics app that analyses your mailing list and assigns each individual subscriber an “ideal” day and time when they’re most likely to want to hear from you.

Best of all, you still just press “send” once, in the same way you do now. The app takes care of the rest, staggering the send over the coming days depending on the parameters you set for each email.

We’ve partnered with Seventh Sense to ensure better email marketing results for our HubSpot clients.

Here’s the 30-second version and what it means for our clients:

  • Seventh Sense is an app that uses machine learning and predictive analytics to send emails at the right time, based on each individual contact’s previous interactions with your content.
  • We’ve partnered with SeventhSense on behalf of all our clients who are using HubSpot as Seventh Sense integrates seamlessly with HubSpot.
  • This means our clients will experience higher open rates and click throughsbecause emails can now be staggered to be sent at different times based on when a specific contact is most likely to open the email.
  • We’re absorbing the costs of this app, so this comes at no additional cost to our clients.

What this means for our HubSpot clients….

You don’t need to do anything. SeventhSense will be running behind the scenes in your portal. When we send an email to your list on your behalf, we’ll use SeventhSense’s machine learning technology to stagger the send over several days, so it will deliver the email to individual contacts at the optimal time, when they are most likely to open the email and click through.

This means better analytics data. SeventhSense has its own reporting dashboard, which we’ll be using to monitor various metrics. For example, it can show us not just which contacts are most engaged with your content, but also which domains. This is most useful for B2B businesses who can see if a particular brand has had several email addresses engaging with your content, and will allow you to be proactive in reaching out to them. There’s also a bunch of cool info it will give us such as the actual best times to send your emails, rather than guessing based on industry best practices. Plus things like dormant contacts who can be deleted to keep your list lean and mean.

This can be used for all emails. It’s not just for broadcast emails, but also for drip feed emails such as those used in workflows, and for emails like blog RSS updates. This will add even more personalisation to your lead nurturing workflows because it won’t be sending emails at the same time the person first opted in (e.g. 2am) but rather at various times based on when they are most likely to open the email and click through.

It starts working right away. As soon as we plug your HubSpot portal into SeventhSense’s dashboard, it will go right back through each contact’s history and map their open/click patterns. This means it doesn’t start learning now, but will use all the historical data from your previous sends to decide on the best time to send them emails as of now.

This change will be rolling out over the next few weeks. If you’re our client, we’ll give you more info about this at your next reporting meeting.