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5 New Ways to Engage Your Audience

Digital marketing changes fast. So fast, in fact, it can be hard to keep up with what your audience is doing. What was cutting edge 6 months ago might now be old hat for the people you're trying to reach. We've put together this list of 5 cutting edge engagement...

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Are you ready for 2016?

This goes out to all the new businesses that have just started advertising online this year, props! You’ve hit the first couple of hurdles of your online strategy and you’re looking forward to that down time over the Christmas period where you can relax and not have...

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Google Shopping for Christmas 2015

Part of my job is setting up Google Shopping for my clients; all that time spent liaising with web developers from overseas creating manual Data Feeds when the web developers aren't able to pull one from the site, setting up a Merchant Center (sic) and spending time...

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Why Does Google Hate My Website?

It’s not just you... Google really does hate some websites. In fact it hates them so much it won’t even list them in their index. (You did know Google is just an index of pages it has crawled right? It’s not the whole internet.) It wasn’t always like this though....

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