[VIDEO] How One Blog Post Attracts $10,000 in Organic Traffic for Our Client Every Month

There’s a lot of talk about using content to drive business results.

But it’s not often you see real world examples.

In this article and video we’ll look at a client we work with and how we’ve helped them create content that gets them thousands of visits every month from people who match their ideal customer profile.


Our client NECA Education & Careers provides courses for apprentice and qualified electricians, helping them take their career to the next level.

We started working with NECA around 12 months ago to develop and implement a content strategy. One of the first things we did was look for opportunities for rank for keywords their ideal customers are searching for on Google.

A great way to do this is to create a detailed blog article to answer a common question that your customers are typing into Google search.

You can optimise the article around the specific keyword or phrase your customers want to know about.

In this case we found an opportunity around the topic of “how much do apprentice electricians earn?”. Not only does this phrase have large search volumes (lots of people searching for it), but it had not been answered well specifically for electricians, so this represented a great opportunity.

Check out the 2-minute video below to see how we approached this and the results achieved

It helped that NECA already had strong domain authority, so we did not need to build any links to this article to get it ranking pretty quickly.


Fast forward 12 months, and the article has attracted more than 15,000 visitors, and is now consistently getting around 2,500 visits per month from organic search. If you were try to get this traffic to your site from Google Ads it would cost around $10,000 per month in ad spend. Not bad for one 800-word blog post!

Your Turn!

What topics in your industry could you do something like this with? Where is the low hanging fruit that your customers are asking about, that your competitors are not talking about? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Damien Elsing