7 Podcasts that Will Make You Better at Inbound Marketing

Podcasting is on the rise. It seems like these days every man and his dog is starting a podcast about something, whether it be Pokemon Go, gardening, or inbound marketing.

To help you sift through it all and make sense of the best podcasts for inbound marketers to hone their skills and keep up with industry news, we’ve put together this list of 7 of our favourite inbound marketing podcasts.

In no particular order…

The HubCast1. The HubCast

The HubCast is the “official” HubSpot podcast and is heavily focused on using HubSpot’s inbound marketing software. Hosts Marcus Sheridan (who also hosts another great podcast on this list) and George Thomas keep it lively with fun banter to go along with the advanced inbound marketing tips. One thing I love about this podcast is that the hosts are not afraid to criticise elements of HubSpot (or things like the Inbound annual conference) when it’s warranted.

the-tim-ferriss-show2. The Tim Ferriss Show

Tim Ferriss’ podcast is about way more than just marketing, but in my opinion many of the insights Tim gets out of his guests (such as Jamie Foxx, Arnie, and Tony Robbins, as well as many business leaders and entrepreneurs) will be invaluable to inbound marketers.

3. Social Media Marketing Podcast

socialmediamarketing-michaelstelznerThe Social Media Marketing Podcast is hosted by Michael Stelzner, founder of the massive Social Media Examiner blog. Michael definitely knows his stuff when it comes to using social media for business. Examples of recent topics covered include how to know if your Twitter marketing is working, using Facebook Live, and how to get your videos to perform well in search. As you can see from the above topics, the podcast is heavily geared around actionable info rather than pie in the sky ideas.

4. HubSpot to go

hubspot-to-goDescribed as “on demand radio for inbound marketers and sales pros, Chris Handy’s HubSpot to Go podcast is a series of bite-sized episodes that teach you to get the most out of HubSpot. Each episode is around 5-10 minutes and focuses on a specific theme, such as customising elements of your HubSpot dashboard, or adding specific emails to your lead nurturing campaign. We’ve had a lot of success implementing some of Chris’s ideas on behalf of our clients.

5. Six Pixels of Separation

Six-Pixels-of-SeparationSix Pixels of Separation covers everything from branding, to the Internet of Things, through to content marketing, and everything in between. As with Tim Ferriss’ podcast, while 6 Pixels isn’t specifically about Inbound Marketing, the cutting edge content being produced here will make any inbound marketer more well-rounded and better able to cut to the heart of what matters when it comes to running effective marketing campaigns.

copyblogger-fm6. Copyblogger FM

Part of the excellent Rainmaker FM collection of podcasts (lots of these could be on this list), Copyblogger FM looks specifically at inbound marketing pillars such as content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, and conversion rate optimisation. Hosted by the whip-smart Sonia Simone, these bite-sized episodes are both actionable and easy to digest.


Mad-Marketing-Podcast7. Mad Marketing

Like the HubCast mentioned earlier on this list, Mad Marketing is hosted by Marcus Sheridan. Marcus has great charisma and is easy to listen to. His Mad Marketing podcast is a blend of inbound marketing success stories and examples, opinions, industry insights, and occasional interviews such as this one about buyer personas with Adele Revella.

Wrapping Up

This is by no means an exhaustive list of all the podcasts out there that would help inbound marketers get better, but it is a list of 7 podcasts I listen to and which have helped me be better at inbound.

What podcasts have helped you get better at inbound marketing? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.