5 Essential Tips for Growing Your LinkedIn Network

linkedin-networkAre you unsure how to leverage LinkedIn to build and grow your network?

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for businesses and should be a top priority social channel for all B2B networking.

Rather than get overwhelmed, take your LinkedIn networking to the next level with the below 5 essential tips!

1. Build connections regularly and add a personal touch to new connections

LinkedIn is a social platform and networking is its bread and butter. But where do you begin to find the right people to connect with?

  • Your first point of call should be to collect and create a potential prospect list of all the key companies and people you want to network with.

Tip: Before you get started, we suggest upgrading to LinkedIn Premium and setting up a LinkedIn ‘Sales Executive’ premium account (costs $99/mo but you can usually get a free trial). LinkedIn premium will allow you to easily and efficiently coordinate your network with additional options for management and search. If you’re a sales professional then this is a worthwhile investment.

  • Start simple by making a list of your ideal prospects. Research and locate their company profiles as a starting point.
  • Next, put your investigator cap on and locate the key people you should be communicating with. Perhaps it’s the marketing manager, sales manager or CEO? Figure out who your ideal key contact is at the company and track their profile down.
  • Finally, get in touch! It’s important to create connections regularly and reach out to key prospects with a unique personal approach. How many generic emails do you receive a week that you simply file or delete? Don’t make this mistake when reaching out to key prospects. Instead, add value by offering some helpful content or a solution to a problem you know they might be experiencing.

Create true connection with personal touches – show them you have done your research and genuinely care about the relationship. Don’t try to “sell” right away.

2. Update your profile and status frequently

Building and growing your LinkedIn network will take some time, so try to be patient with it. However you can help create a quality network by being an active participant in the community. Ensure that your company and personal profile is updated regularly with the most relevant and up to date information.

As a general rule of thumb, update your company’s profile and status on a daily basis with the latest news or a worthy content piece. However, keep it relevant and of a high quality – you want your network to recognise you for adding value to their day, so keep them coming back for more with your best updates!

3. Keep in touch regularly with key contacts

LinkedIn is a powerful B2B marketing tool, but only when used on a regular basis. Making genuine and lasting connections will take time, patience and a genuine approach. Your key contacts may be current business partners, potential clients or mentors. Whatever their role is, be nurturing and supportive of your relationship by regularly checking in, providing value and offering support to them.

 4. Actively participate at key times – be strategic

When is your market using LinkedIn? The majority of LinkedIn users are online during work days, primarily mid morning or midday. Use this information to your advantage by actively participating during these key times.

Try some of the following methods:

  • Update your status and share valuable relevant content
  • Reach out and connect with prospects using genuine and personal messages
  • Take part in group discussions that are relevant to your industry

5. Provide and share awesome content to your network

We can’t stress this enough – share your most valuable and relevant content to your network on a regular basis! Why not try some of the following content ideas:

  • Your most recent blog posts and articles
  • News-worthy content from your industry
  • Share awesome content from your prospects and connections

How will you utilise LinkedIn for your B2B marketing? Starting with these key steps will ensure you take your business to the next level and start to see quality growth in your network in no time!