10 Tips for Marketing Your Business on Twitter

twitter-marketingDoes the idea of networking and using Twitter regularly seem like too much work for too little results?

Do you struggle to build your brand presence on Twitter or are unsure where to even begin?

Twitter is an amazing tool for networking and business. When done right, there are endless possibilities for building relationships and driving traffic to your content.

But where do you begin? And how can you leverage this social media platform to start marketing your business?

Below is a simple, effective guide of 10 essential steps to start marketing your business on Twitter (and start seeing results in no time!).

1. Create your profile and present your brand

The first and most important step in marketing your brand on Twitter is to create your profile with a true representation of what your brand stands for.

Your Twitter account and profile is your chance to tell your brand’s story and present your aesthetic and values to the Twitter community.

  • Start by selecting your Twitter name (we suggest choosing your brand name to make your profile easily recogniseable and searchable.)
  • Add in a company image or logo as your profile picture
  • Fill in your bio and include a link to your website
  • Design your profile header and background with an image of your choice. The Twitter header is a great opportunity to utilise free advertising space – so use it wisely!

 2. Start following key connections and build your network

Now that your brand is set up on Twitter and your business persona is represented clearly, it’s time to connect and start networking.

To get the ball rolling, begin by following key connections within your industry such as current clients, collaborators or other industry professionals.

Once you begin to follow your industry connections, start reaching out to potential clients or businesses of interest. It should only be a matter of time before you start getting followed back and the foundation of your network will be moving along nicely!

3. Get tweeting and spark conversations with key contacts

Once you have a nice network to converse with, strike up a conversation with these connections and take part in current conversations happening on Twitter.

Remember, Twitter is all about back and forth conversation, and topics move fast, so be sure to jump in when the topic is still relevant.

Some great ways to get started include:

  • Keeping an eye on other industry professionals and how they interact
  • Re-tweeting or mentioning key contacts to start building a deeper connection
  • Direct messaging potential clients using the private message function

 4. Connect Twitter to your website and blog

Your business is likely on Twitter because you want to network and find potential clients with the end result being potential leads via to your website.

Connecting your Twitter profile to your website or blog is the best way to do this.  Try the following techniques to help steer potential leads in the right direction:

  • Link your Twitter account to your website social media icons. These are best displayed in the top navigation of your website for easy navigation
  • Feature a timeline of your latest tweets on the sidebar of your website. There are plenty of free plugins available to connect this
  • Add social media sharing links to all of your website and blog content. This allows your readers to spread the word and share to Twitter or other platforms

 5. Drive traffic to your website and blog via tweets

One of the best ways to market your business on Twitter is to drive traffic back to your website or blog. A great way to do this is to incorporate links to your website in your tweets.

Be careful to not go overboard doing this – it’s vital to keep a natural approach to your marketing without coming across as too sales focused.

6. Provide valuable content to your followers

Twitter is a useful tool to interact and connect with others, but in order to create a strong network, it’s important to always provide valuable content to your followers.

Ask yourself ‘would this be helpful to a potential client?’ or ‘what would I want to read or learn about ‘x’ topic?’

If you lead with valuable content, your desired network will likely follow.

 7. Organise your followers into key lists

The list function on Twitter is a perfect way to assign key contacts to particular groups. You can choose to make your lists public or private too.

Some ideas for categorising your contacts into lists may include:

  • Potential clients
  • Current clients
  • Other inspiring businesses
  • Personal contacts

When you view a particular list, you will see all tweets from the list members in one timeline, allowing you to better keep track and respond to the current trends and topics.

 8. Incorporate relevant hashtags into your updates

A hashtag is a way of identifying a common topic or theme. Hashtags are searchable via Twitter and are a great way to absorb and engage with other conversations on relevant topics in your industry.

Hashtags are also a great way to get noticed when you don’t gave many followers just yet. They allow your tweets to be seen by people who aren’t following you but are searching for specific topics, which can then lead to them becoming followers.

What hashtags are relevant to your industry? Use tools like Hashtagify.me and Hashtag Scout to find popular hashtags you can use.

Try adding a couple in with your next tweet – this is a great way to boost your content.

9. Take your content to the next level with photos and videos

When providing valuable free content to your followers via Twitter, look for interesting ways to take your tweets to the next level. Incorporating photos and video into your Twitter stream will drive more interest and make your feed a lot more interactive than regularly tweets!

10. Regularly check in and stay in touch with key contacts

What’s the key to a successful marketing strategy on Twitter? Staying connected with your followers regularly. It’s that simple!

Aim to check in about twice a day on your profile, provide valuable content regularly and respond to any mentions or conversations happening.

Now, take action!

Twitter is an amazing social media platform to help market your business for free. The above 10 steps will help your business create a solid foundation and network on Twitter.

What steps will you take action on? Share your feedback below! We’d love to hear your experience.