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Inbound Marketing







HubSpot set up, management & optimisation
Blog, landing page and email templates
Content strategy & copywriting for all assets
Landing pages – MQL (lead magnet) and SQL (sales enquiry)
Email marketing (live eDMs and automated nurture sequences)
Website conversion rate optimisation
CRM set up/integration
Lead magnets1-23-45+
Blog posts 
Social media posting4 posts/month8 posts/month12+ posts/month
Paid ad management1 Platform2 PlatformsMultiple Platforms

Management & Reporting

Custom reporting dashboards
Monthly reporting meeting
Weekly tactical meeting
Lead scoring

Note: The first month of the project is planning/set up phase. Public-facing campaigns will be launched at the beginning of month 2. 

Our system works best for businesses that sell a high-priced product or service with a long sales cycle. This is because our philosophy is based on attracting and nurturing people who are early in the buyer journey. We then help you build relationships with these people until they are ready to buy, at which time you are the logical choice for them to buy from.

We would not take you on as a client if we weren’t 100% sure our inbound marketing system would work for you. However, if we do not meet the agreed upon goals, we will work with you to find an appropriate resolution, or you are free to stop any time. 

No, you can end the project at any time with 14 day’s notice. We do ask though that you will give the project at least 3-6 months to begin seeing the projected results.

The package we recommend and implement for you will be geared to bringing in immediate results based on your goals. For example, if you are a new business that needs clients fast, we’ll focus on lead generation. If you’re an established business with a large database, we’ll focus on engaging that database.  

We commence the project with a workshop where we gather as much information from you as we need to understand your product/service and ideal customer. Once the project is in motion we need approvals on things like ads, content, etc. We also have a monthly call to go over results and plans for the following month. 

Yes. You will usually need a HubSpot software subscription (see below for why this is) which is typically around $1k/mo for a small business. This will be the only software you need for us to manage ALL your sales and marketing in one place. You should also factor in some advertising costs to drive traffic to the offers we are creating for you. 

Usually, yes. HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing and CRM platform that makes everything flow smoothly. We find HubSpot quickly pays for itself in the time it saves your team and ours, and its ability to scale with your business needs. 

Yes. Our onboarding process does everything for you, from setting up your entire HubSpot portal through to planning out content, building your funnel, connecting your existing systems, and more. Plus, if you’re not yet using HubSpot, signing up via a Certified Partner such as us gets you the usual $4K onboarding fee waived.

No, most clients we work with have zero or limited experience with running digital campaigns. We do everything for you, including strategy, planning and creating content, ads, social media, email copywriting, analytics, and more.

You don’t need to stop doing what you’re currently doing. If you are already running ads or doing other types of marketing we can focus on different channels.

We price our packages based on building you a repeatable system that’s been proven to deliver results. If there are some things you don’t need (for example you do them in house) we can place more focus on other areas.

HubSpot is designed to replace many other individual tools and give you a “single source of truth” for all your sales and marketing reporting. We will help you migrate from your existing tools onto HubSpot. If there is an existing tool that is integral to your business we’ll work with you to integrate it with HubSpot. 

In most cases – no. HubSpot integrates with your existing website and tracks all activity there. At the same time we’ll create templates in HubSpot for things like landing pages and blogs that will be hosted on subdomains at your existing site, and which will match your branding. So we’ll be able to run your campaigns with minimal access to your existing website. 

Part of our flexible approach includes keeping some time available to work on ad hoc projects as they arise. This might mean making changes to your website, creating an email campaign for an event, or some HubSpot training for your team (as examples). If you need additional services over and above this, we are happy to provide a quote, or connect you with partner businesses if the requirements are not in our skillset.

Yes – see our customer stories here. We have been in business for over 6 years and only work with a small number of clients at any one time. We have a talented team who have developed the strategies that deliver the results you see in our customer success stories. 

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